The easy to use water tracking app.

Start Tracking Now

Experience it for yourself

Our app is available on any iPhone running iOS 14.1 or higher!

Notch down drinks

Use Drip to effortlessly record your water intake

Pick your favs

Pick from a selection of drinks and create favourites for 1 tap drinks

Interactive History

Explore our history tab to view your progress at a glance


Explore the trends tab to see how you're making progress, or satisfy your curiosity


Unlock awards as you hydrate. Let's make staying hydrated fun!

Privacy Focused

Your data is yours, it all stays on device and we see none of it

Fully Featured

All features are unlocked! No features behind a paywall

Zero Ads

No ads, no distractions. Just you and your progress

Drink Coefficients

Either measure just your estimated water intake or measure your liquid intake as a whole. You decide!

Apple HealthKit

Drip has the ability to automatically input your drink entries into the HealthKit app

Reminder Notifications

Set up to 10 daily reminders with custom messages to remind yourself to have a sip

Fine tuned detail

Record all your entries to the nearest 5ml so your records can be as detailed as possible

Made by Kaiman Mehmet in London